Tree Haus HOA - Welcome to Tree Haus

Tree Haus is a hillside of 120 Lots and 108 homes, across the Yampa River Valley from the Steamboat Ski Resort. The views of Mt Werner, the valley and the town of Steamboat are stunning at any time of day, in any season!

The Homeowners Association address is:
P.O. Box 772226
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

The HOA manages construction and renovation approval, signage and helps with many neighborhood interactions.

The Tree Haus Metro District manages sewer, water and public roads for the area. Their website is

Within this HOA web site, many departments are in the Members Only section.

If you are a homeowner and have not already registered, please go to the Home page and click on "register" at the top of the page.  Fill in the required information and click on the box "Register" at the bottom of the page. There will be a slight delay, as the sign-in must be approved for you to be listed as a resident.

Between 2013 and 2016, the Tree Haus HOA, established in 1971, has finalized and posted on this web site several of its Governing Documents, including:

          Articles of Incorporation
          Newly revised By-Laws
          Newly revised Covenants
          New Policies
          New Rules and Regulations
          Two Colorado Registrations
          Web site established to make information more easily accessible.

The will of the majority of the homeowners is reflected in the documents. The Tree Haus HOA is now CCIOA-compliant and thoroughly managed in every way possible to best serve neighborhood needs.

Annual meeting and Board meeting minutes, as well as Budgets and Financial Statements, are available in the Members Only section

All Homeowners are requested to fill out the Emergency Contact form within the Members Only section. This is especially important for anyone who expects to have renters in the home, so neighbors can contact a responsible person at any time, when necessary.

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held on Aug 12 at 9:00 AM in Rex's Champagne Room in the Holiday Inn.  It was well-attended and was more of a general discussion meeting than our past few have been with many decisions to be made.  The minutes will be posted soon on the web site.

The homeowners in attendance voted to ratify the decision of the Board to elect Steve Sehnert as President of the HOA. Brock Shupp is Vice President and Michael Connelly serves as Secretary/Treasurer. Due to term limits for Board members these three Officers will need to be replaced at the Annual Meeting in 2018. Matt Lavington agreed to serve on the Board and is Chair of the Architectural Control Committee. Scott Henson also serves as a Board Member.

Our Yearly Pot Luck Supper was fabulously hosted by Matt Lavington and Patti Buckles on Aug 12th at their home on Tree Haus Drive.  We enjoyed freshly grilled shish-ke-babs of chicken, shrimp, and beef along with many special dishes brought by the guests who are residents in Tree Haus. A big thank you to Matt & Patti for hosting the dinner.

If you have questions in any area of HOA concern, please feel free to contact an HOA Board member, listed on this site.

Suggestions are always welcome!